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ITT Educational Services Announces Its New School of Health Sciences

New degree program in Health Information Technology to be offered

Sep 5, 2006

ITT Educational Services, Inc. (ESI) has announced the creation of its sixth school of study, the School of Health Sciences. A new associate degree program in Health Information Technology is the first offering within the new School, and was developed in response to the increasing use of electronic patient health information systems in the healthcare industry. In addition, the U.S. Census Bureau reports an expected 29 percent increase in the demand for trained medical records and health information professionals from 2004 to 2014.

"We foresee a substantial need for skilled health information workers as our government continues to work on developing a nationwide health information infrastructure," said ITT Educational Services Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rene Champagne, referring to President Bush's Executive Order calling for the widespread use of Electronic Health Records by 2014, and to two bills currently before Congress, HR 4157, the Health Information Technology Promotion Act of 2005, and HR 4641, the ADOPT HIT Act of 2005.

"As technology and information become increasingly integrated with healthcare delivery, skilled health information professionals will be in demand," Champagne said. "Our new degree program in Health Information Technology is designed to help educate a skilled work force for the healthcare industry."

The program has received the necessary regulatory approvals to be offered at 24 ITT Technical Institutes, and may be offered at up to 11 ITT Technical Institutes as soon as December 2006.

ITT Tech's Health Information Technology program teaches how technology can be used to capture, analyze, monitor, maintain and report patient health information. Graduates may pursue entry-level positions such as coding specialist, patient information coordinator, medical records technician, health information technician, and reimbursement coordinator.

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