Who is ITT Educational Services, Inc.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. is a leading provider of career-oriented postsecondary degree programs in the United States based on revenue and student enrollment. The company provides accredited, technology-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its ITT Technical Institutes and Daniel Webster College to help students develop skills and knowledge they need to pursue career opportunities in a variety of fields. It owns and operates more than 130 ITT Technical Institutes and Daniel Webster College. ITT/ESI serves approximately 80,000 students at its campuses in 39 states and online.

Our principal executive offices are located at:
ITT Educational Services, Inc.
13000 North Meridian Street
Carmel, Indiana 46032
(317) 706-9200

The company’s common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “ESI”.

What is the company’s mission?

The ITT Technical Institutes are institutions of higher learning that are committed to offering quality undergraduate, graduate and continuing education locally, nationally and worldwide to students of diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities. The institutions offer educational programs that integrate life-long learning with knowledge and skill to help students:

  • pursue their personal interests and objectives;
  • develop intellectual, analytical and critical thinking abilities, and
  • provide service to their communities.

The programs employ traditional, applied and adult-learning pedagogies and are delivered through traditional, accelerated and distance methodologies in a learner-centered environment of mutual respect.

What programs of study do the ITT Technical Institutes offer?

Curricular offerings, leading primarily to associate and bachelor degrees, are designed with input from employers to help students prepare for career opportunities in various fields involving technology. Programs of study at the ITT Technical Institutes blend traditional academic content with applied learning concepts. Advisory committees, comprised of representatives of local businesses and employers, help each ITT Technical Institute periodically assess and update curricula, equipment and laboratory design.

Associates Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree
School of Information Technology
  • Network Systems Administration (available Online)
  • Mobile Communications Technology
  • Computer Network Systems
  • Software Applications and Programming
  • Web Development
  • Software Development Technology
  • Information Systems Administration (Online only)
  • Computer Forensics (Online only)
  • Information Systems Security (available Online)
  • Information Systems and Cybersecurity (available Online)
  • Data Communication Systems Technology
  • Software Engineering Technology
  • Project Management (available Online)
  • Software Applications Development
School of Electronics Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Computer and Electronics Technology
  • Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Communications Technology
  • Industrial Automation Engineering Technology
  • Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology
School of Drafting and Design
  • Drafting and Design Technology (available Online)
  • Computer Drafting and Design
  • Multimedia
  • Visual Communications
  • Web Design Technology (Online only)
  • Construction Technology (Online only)
  • Web Design (Online only)
  • Graphic Communications and Design
  • Digital Entertainment and Game Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Construction Management (available Online)
School of Business
  • Accounting (Online only)
  • Business Management (available Online)
  • Business Accounting Technology (available Online)
  • Business Administration (available Online)
  • Accounting (Online only)
  • Business Management (available Online)
  • Project Management and Administration (available Online)
  • Technical Project Management
  • Business Administration (available Online): Finance Option (Online only), Human Resources Management Option (Online only), Marketing Option (Online only), Marketing Management Option (Online only), Project Management Option (Online only)
  • Business Accounting Technology (available Online): Financial Accounting Option (Online only) and Internal Controls Option (Online only)
  • Business Administration – Project Management
  • Technical Project Management (Online only)
  • Master of Business Administration (Online only)
School of Criminal Justice
  • Criminology and Forensic Technology (available Online)
  • Criminal Justice (available Online)
  • Paralegal (available Online)
  • Paralegal Studies (available Online)
  • Criminal Justice (available Online)
  • Criminal Justice-Cybersecurity (available Online)
School of Health Sciences
  • Health Information Technology
Breckinridge School of Nursing
  • Nursing
  • BS-Nursing(Online only)
What are the opportunities for growth?

The nation's economy is inextricably tied to technology. Educated and skilled workers will remain in high demand, and prospective students will continue to be attracted by the wages and upward mobility associated with employment in fields of technology. Experts also project that the number of new jobs that require a college degree or some college will increase significantly.

What are your plans to continue company growth?

We developed a Growth Plan, which we have been implementing in the recent past. The elements of the Plan are as follows:

1. Increase enrollment in existing programs offered at existing colleges.

2. Open new college locations.

3. Open learning sites to supplement enrollment growth at existing locations.

4. Raise the program offerings to the bachelor degree level at additional colleges.

5. Develop and offer new degree programs in various fields of technology.

6. Research, develop and offer non-technology degree programs.

7. Increase the number of degree programs offered entirely online via distance education.

8. Seek international growth opportunities.

9. Evaluate the potential of offering non-degree programs of study.

What is a typical student’s schedule at an ITT Technical Institute?

Most of the programs at the ITT Technical Institutes are offered on a “quarter system.” New classes are formed approximately every 13 weeks. Students attend classes year-round with convenient breaks provided throughout the year. In most programs, classes are typically offered in four- to five-hour sessions. Some programs have classroom-based classes three days per week, while others have classroom-based classes two days per week with the third day of instruction offered online. Classes are generally available in the morning, afternoon and evening, depending on student enrollment.

What is the company’s history?

ITT/ESI is a Delaware corporation incorporated in 1946. From 1966 until the initial public offering on December 27, 1994, ITT/ESI was a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITT Corporation. Following the IPO, ITT held approximately 83% of ITT/ESI’s common stock. In February 1998, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. acquired ITT. Public offerings of ITT/ESI common stock by ITT in June 1998 and February 1999 and ITT/ESI’s repurchase of 1.5 million shares of ITT/ESI common stock from ITT in February 1999 completely eliminated ITT’s beneficial ownership.